Updates to GB standards relating to CCC explosion-proof electronics

Our Chamber member, CCIC France - China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd., would like to inform us about the following news:

The new GB standard for CCC of Ex-proof electrical products was released on October 11th, 2021 and implemented on May 1st, 2022. CQC issued the following announcement on May 10th 2022:

Effective immediately, we will use the new version of the standard and issue certificates, the old version of the certificate will no longer be issued. For products that have been certified under the old version of the GB standard, the certificate holder shall submit an application to CQC for conversion to the new version of the GB standard on the date of this announcement. According to the relevant resolutions of TC28, samples will be required for supplementary difference test when needed, the new version of the certificate will be issued when approved. All old GB standard certificate conversion work should be completed by May 1st, 2023 at the latest; beyond the deadline, CQC will suspend the certificate; certificates that have not completed conversion after August 1st, 2023 will be withdrawn.



GB/T 3836.1-2021 

GB 3836.1-2010

GB/T 3836.2-2021 

GB 3836.2-2010

GB/T 3836.3-2021 

GB 3836.3-2010

GB/T 3836.4-2021 

GB 3836.4-2010

GB/T 3836.5-2021 

GB 3836.5-2017

GB/T 3836.8-2021 

GB 3836.8-2014

GB/T 3836.9-2021 

GB 3836.9-2014

GB/T 3836.31-2021

GB 12476.5-2013

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