Il Tredicesimo Piano Quinquennale

“Il tredicesimo piano quinquennale si concentra specificatamente sullo sviluppo economico e sulla crescita diffusa, caratterizzata da qualità, efficienza e sostenibilità al fine di raddoppiare il PIL e il reddito pro capite nelle città e nelle campagne entro il 2020.”

Yang Yanyi, Ambasciatore della Repubblica Popolare Cinese all’Unione Europea e Capo della Missione Cinese all’UE

"[...] China will put in place its 13th Five-year Plan, a Plan that has a clear and strong focus on economic development and on striving for a higher-quality, more efficient, fairer and more sustainable growth and doubling the GDP and per-capita income of urban and rural residents in 2010 by the year of 2020.

We are fully confident to achieve this established goal. And our confidence is rooted in the following.

First, the Chinese economy has great resilience, huge potential and ample room for readjustment. The upgrading of consumption of over 1.3 billion Chinese people will generate the largest market demand the world has ever seen. Parallel progress in the new type of industrialization, IT application, urbanization and agricultural modernization will further expand the space of development.

Second, most importantly, China is following a new development approach featuring innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development.

Guided by this approach, we are focusing on implementing the strategy of innovation-driven growth, boosting technological innovations and their application including mobile internet, cloud computing and big data and ensure balanced progress.

We are pursuing green and low-carbon development to improve the environment and ensure that our people live in a beautiful China with clean air and water, and green eco-system.

We are integrating the Chinese economy more closely with the global economy, implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, giving foreign investment greater market access, particularly in the service sector, exploring a model of foreign investment regulation based on pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list, fostering a high-standard international business environment and building a community of shared interests.

We are improving people's well-being and their living standards across the board, putting in place new institutions for equitable, fair and inclusive development so that more fruits of development will be shared by all in a more equitable fashion.

Third, equally important, China is strongly resolved to deepen reform in a comprehensive way and adjust the growth pattern and structure of the Chinese economy.

In light of the fact that growth fueled by huge input of resources and investment will be unsustainable for China and will put the world economy at risk, we have chosen not to resort to massive stimulus measures though we have the ability to do so.

Instead, to secure more efficient, solid and sustained growth, we are advancing structural reform to tackle the deep-seated and medium- to long-term economic problems. We are working to foster twin engines of growth, namely promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation and increasing public goods and services and unlocking the dynamism of market players and creativity of the society. And we are streamlining administration and delegate power, strengthening regulation and improving government services.

It should be acknowledged that the new round of massive transformation is bearing benefits. China's economic structure is rapidly improving. Growth in high-tech industries is notably higher than the entire industrial sector. Consumer demands for information, cultural, health and tourism products are booming. Energy conservation, environmental protection and the green economy are thriving. New economic growth areas are rapidly taking shape.

Inevitably this endeavor will encounter difficulties and resistance. Yet, our resolve to push forward structural reform is rock-firm and our commitment and policy to open up further will not change.

Fourth, China is opening up at a higher level, promoting its equipment, technologies, standards and services around the world, easing market access in finance, education, health care, old-age care and other fields and sharing with other countries the dividends of China's prosperity and development.

All these efforts, as they unfold, will give strong momentum to the Chinese economy while generating enormous demand and becoming a new source of growth for the world economy. [...]"

Estratto dal discorso di Yang Yanyi, Ambasciatore della Repubblica Popolare Cinese all’Unione Europea e Capo della Missione Cinese all’UE, in occasione del Luncheon di EUCBA a Bruxelles.